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Honk app smart phone start up digital Jordy Altman

HONK for Help

Took a ‪‎road trip‬, made a commercial. Check out the new app Honk

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.11.09 PM

‘Falling Flat’ pilot

Hired to play guitar all day and act with some of the best UCB talent in Los Angeles. ‘Falling Flat’ – coming …

nTelos wireless Jordy Altman

nTelos Wireless

Look at those gams! New 0:30 commercial for nTelos. Click to watch.

Gyft screenshot Jordy Altman

Gyft – 0:60 National Spot

I’m the gyft that keeps on giving. As seen on TV, YouTube preroll, and my reel. Also, check out the Alternate Version …

Wisdom Teeth Aubree Bowen Jordy Altman

Short film… “Wisdom”

After waking up from her dental surgery, Aubree asked the nurse, “Can you get my boyfriend he needs to record meeeeeeee…” Here is the …


Summer Camp Spot for JDate

Incredibly proud of my JDate spot! Thanks to SoulPancake and everybody at JDate for putting together a great campaign. Find Someone Else Still …

Arbella Insurance Jordy Altman

Arbella Insurance

If you live in the New York area, keep an eye out for this hip, young Dad in the new Arbella Insurance …